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Next round of funding launched!
Next found of funding launched - we are pleased to announce that applications for Darwin Plus are now open! Find out how to apply by clicking below.
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Food sustainability: Word from the BCFs
Explore the crucial intersection of food, biodiversity, and livelihoods in the inaugural Biodiversity Challenge Funds newsletter.
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Gauging sustainable spiny lobster fisheries
The Turks and Caicos Islands assess sustainable spiny lobster fisheries with 600 distributed gauges by FisherFolkFirst.
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Understanding increased seal bycatch
This project aims to understand the surge in seal-fishery interactions in the Falkland Islands, informing a bycatch action plan.
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Using corals to protect coastal infrastructure
Living Reefs Foundation's Coral Garden Initiative aims to use corals as a nature-based breakwater to protect coastal infrastructure from storm waves.
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Pathogen threat to seabirds
Monitoring avian influenza: Research assesses potential threat of pathogens to seabirds in the Falkland Islands, focusing on wildlife health.
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Community nature reserve rehabilitation
Major rehabilitation project for community nature reserve: Pollution and invasive species management, Spittal Pond Nature Reserve.
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Wasp guardians for food production
Ecologically vital, Chalcid wasps include parasitoids used in pest management. Research in Cyprus aims to understand their biodiversity and impact.
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East Caicos Wilderness Area
The Caribbean's largest uninhabited island in the British West Indies is safeguarded through a conservation project involving birdwatching training.
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Climate change resilience
Unique marine biodiversity faces climate change threats, impacting fisheries and the local economy; this project's research aids adaptation strategies.
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Recruiting for the BCFs Expert Groups
Exciting news - we're still recruiting Experts for the Biodiversity Challenge Funds Expert Groups. Find out how to apply by clicking below.
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Darwin Plus Newsletters
All Darwin Plus newsletters published since 2015 can be accessed via the links found in this article.
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