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Recruiting for the BCFs Expert Groups

What are the BCFs Expert Groups?

The Biodiversity Challenge Funds (BCFs) is the collective name for three of the UK Government's competitive grants, Darwin Initiative, Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) Challenge Fund and Darwin Plus, aimed at conserving biodiversity and safeguarding the environment for local people.

This recruitment is for Experts to join one of the three groups: the Darwin Expert Committee (DEC), the IWT Challenge Fund Advisory Group (IWTAG) and the Darwin Plus Advisory Group (DPAG).

Each Expert Group is made up of independent experts including academics, practitioners and NGO representatives, along with government officials, all with leadership experience, technical knowledge and experience of biodiversity conservation and/or multidimensional poverty reduction programmes.

Role Description

We are looking for individuals who, as leaders in their field, can contribute at the highest levels and work effectively as part of a group. Our aim is to ensure our Expert Groups are inclusive, diverse, and global. We have a particular interest in applications from the global south (Darwin Initiative and IWT Challenge Fund) and the UK Overseas Territories (Darwin Plus). Applicants will be required to select which fund(s) they are applying for, so please look into each fund accordingly as there are specific application criteria for each fund. All the information about the requirements and process can be found in the recruitment pack on Flexi-Grant and the About Us page on each fund's website (linked in text above).

How to Apply

The application deadline is Wednesday 31 January 2024 and appointments will commence from 1 May 2024, with a three-year term, reviewed annually.

See the Expert Recruitment Pack for guidance and information on this recruitment.

Applications are to be submitted via Flexi-Grant.

We look forward to receiving your applications!