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1 – Home page header image:

Alex Dodds (DPLUS092, Falkland Islands - Wandering albatross)

2 – About Us panel image:

J Turner (19-027, British Indian Ocean Territories – Clownfish and anemone)

3 – How To Apply panel image:

Rupert Ormond  (DPLUS036 , Cayman Islands - Caribbean Reef Shark)

4 – FAQs panel image:

Nicole Esteban & Holly Stokes (DPLUS090, British Indian Ocean Territories - Nesting Turtle returning to sea)

5 – Projects menu banner:

RSKey (DPLUS040, St Helena – Blushing Snail Succinea sanctaehelenae)

6 – Resources menu banner:

Antje Steinfurth (DPLUS053, Tristan de Cunha – Northern Rockhopper Penguin)


Landing Page Header Images

7 – Apply header image:

Peter Bucktrout (18-019, Falkland Islands – Myviken, South Georgia)

8 – Projects header image:

J Turner (EIDP045, Cayman - Surveying fish biomass at the boundaries of MPAs)

9 – News header image:

J Turner (EIDP045, Cayman Islands - Fish such as grunts are abundant amongst coral in and beyond the MPA boundary)

10 – Resources header image:

Tom Heller, RBG Kew (DPLUS006, Montserrat - Seeds of Ormosia monosperma, Centre Hills)

11 – About Us header image:

Julian Tyne, SAERI (DPLUS094, Turks and Caicos Islands - Red mangroves)

12 – Contact header image:

Gerardo Garcia (18-018, Montserrat – Released Mountain Chicken (frog))

Resources Landing Page Panel Images

13 – Change Request Forms panel image:

L Fowler (DPLUS040, St Helena - Two Spiky Yellow Woodlouse)

14 – Finance Guidance & Claims panel image:

S Oppel (19-028, Henderson Island – Parrot Stephen's Lori, an endemic lorikeet on Henderson Island)

15 – Terms and Conditions panel image:

Environment Management Directorate of St Helena Government (19-031, St Helena – Whale Shark)

16 – Report and Review Templates panel image:

J Lavers (19-028, Henderson Island - Great Frigatebird)

17 – Workshops and Webinars panel image:

Thomas Heller, FF (DPLUS084, British Virgin Islands - Spiny leaves of Zanthoxylum thomasianum)

18 - Information Notes panel image:

Andy Schofield (DPLUS102, Tristan da Cunha – Wilkins' Bunting)

19 – Project Publicity panel image:

SAERI (DPLUS083, Falkland Islands – Sundew Drosera uniflora flower)

20 – Advisory Group Resources panel image:

A Davey (EIDCF014, Falkland Islands – Plant seed heads Acaena magellanica)

21 – FAQs panel image:

David Francis (DPLUS104, St Helena – Common wasp preying on Loveridges Hoverfly)

22 - Risk Management panel image:

L. Burgues-Palau (DPL0004, Bermuda - 3D model for planted coral growth assessment)

23 - Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning panel image:

Vicki Foster (DPL00039, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands - Fur seal in front of Mount Sugartop)

24 - Gender Equality and Social Inclusion panel image:

Falklands Conservation (DPLUS017, Falkland Islands - Bryum Pseudotriquestrum)

25 - Safeguarding panel image:

Sam Weber, University Of Wales, Swansea (07-006, Ascension Island - Green Turtle Nesting)


26 - Photo Credits, Subscribe, Search results and Footer links (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Accessibility Statement, Whistleblowing) header image:

David Barnes (18-019, Falkland Islands - Black Browed Albatross)