How to Apply

How to Apply

Darwin Plus is a UK government grants scheme that helps deliver long-term strategic outcomes for the unique biodiversity, the natural environment and improving resilience to climate change within the UK Overseas Territories.

We are now inviting applications to the following schemes:

  • Darwin Plus Local Round 4 – closed - deadline Monday 24th June 2024
  • Darwin Plus Main
    • Stage 1 – closed - deadline Monday 3rd June 2024
    • Stage 2 – invite only - deadline Monday 7th October 2023
  • Darwin Plus People & Skills – now open - deadline Monday 23rd September 2024
    • * Please note that Darwin Plus Fellowships has been renamed to Darwin Plus People & Skills.
  • Darwin Plus Strategic – now open - deadline Monday 29th July 2024

The guidance documents can be found under each subsection. All applications should be submitted via the Flexi-Grant application portal.

Please refer to the application guidance for the list of countries and organisations eligible for the schemes.

For further queries, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

*Please note: The UK Government has committed to make £10 million available for Darwin Plus each year until March 2025. Future funding for Darwin Plus will be requested via the next Spending Review. Therefore, funding for new applications is not guaranteed, and results or start dates may also be delayed. Applicants must note and accept this risk before sending their proposals to Defra and manage any commitments associated with the proposal, accordingly.