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People & Skills Applications


Darwin Plus People & Skills is aimed at building capacity through training, education, and professional development opportunities. Darwin Plus People & Skills is intended to fund UKOT nationals and/or long term residents and/or those with a long term relationship with an OT where it does not have a permanent resident population, to increase their knowledge and ability to meet long-term strategic outcomes for the natural environment in UKOTs.

Darwin Plus People & Skills offers grants of up to £100,000 to projects lasting up to 24 months.

*Please note that Darwin Plus Fellowships has been renamed to Darwin Plus People & Skills.

Applications to Round 13 of Darwin Plus People & Skills are now open.

Applications to Darwin Plus People & Skills is a single stage process.

The applications for Round 13 opened on Monday 22nd April 2024.

  • Deadline for applications: Monday 23rd September 2024.

The expected start date for successful Round 13 projects is from 1st April 2025.


Before applying, you should first read the following documents:

How to Apply

Once you have read the guidance, complete the Darwin Plus Round 13 People & Skills application form on the Flexi-Grant application portal. For drafting purposes, you may find the Word version of the application form below useful.

You will also need to complete and upload a Biodiversity Challenge Funds budget form below. Choose the form in accordance to your grant size - either over or under £100,000.


For further queries, see our Frequently Asked Questions.


*Please note: The UK Government has committed to make £10 million available for Darwin Plus each year until March 2025. Future funding for Darwin Plus will be requested via the next Spending Review. Therefore, funding for new applications is not guaranteed, and results or start dates may also be delayed. Applicants must note and accept this risk before sending their proposals to Defra and manage any commitments associated with the proposal, accordingly.