Darwin Plus Stage 2 Applications Webinar and Workshop, January 2021


In January 2021, three events were hosted as part of the Darwin Plus Stage 2 workshop, for Round 9 applicants that had been successfully invited through to Stage 2.

The workshop proceedings, including Q&A, can be found here.


Webinar – Frequently asked questions and common issues

On 13th January, we hosted a webinar for applicants under Round 9 of Darwin Plus that were invited through to Stage 2. This webinar introduced Stage 2 applicants to some of the frequently asked questions and common issues relating to eligibility, finance, Flexi-Grant, gender and safeguarding requirements.

The slides from this session can be accessed here.

The webinar was recorded and can be accessed here using the passcode: $yM?U?q9


Workshop Session – Project design tools and importance of good evidence and indicators

On 14th January we hosted an interactive workshop for Stage 2 applicants. This two-part session aimed to cover the use of project design tools and methods to ensure that applicants logframes were as robust as possible through the inclusion of “SMART” indicators and appropriate means of verification.

Part 1: Project Design Tools slides

Part 2: Indicators and Evidence slides

A copy of the exercise sheet used during the session is available here.

The recording of the session can be accessed via Zoom here.


Darwin Plus Advisory Group: What makes a good application

On 15th January, we hosted a presentation with guest speaker Brendan Godley from the Darwin Plus Advisory Group. This session provided applicants with an insight into what the advisory group looks for in an application through outlining the main assessment processes and providing tips on how to improve or strengthen Stage 2 applications.

Slides from “What makes a good application” presentation are available here.

A link to the Zoom recording can be found here.